To Recall or Not to Recall Carroll: That is The Question

In my humble opinion, Rodgers should let Carroll stay in West Ham till the end of the season, but….. he MUST buy a towering striker with great composure and pace in the next transfer window. Carroll doesn’t have speed and he doesn’t fit in Rodgers tiki taka.

Maybe it would be a different story if Rodgers use his two wing forwards to play long ball. Andy could use his heading or at least menace the opponents defense. Rodgers need to be creative to set the attacking movement. He can not always use short passes and speed. Gerrard has the ability to send deadly crosses to the box. Remember Carroll goal in Euro 2012?

Maybe Llorente is the answer. I saw his goals and his movements. He’s a very good player and he doesn’t waste goal opportunity. But what will be the price the get such faboulous striker? Will it be worth it? Can he fit in Rodgers tiki taka? or will he turn to be another carroll?

Rodgers doesn’t have much choice. it’s between carroll’s recall or buy a brand new striker. He won’t survive with this actual squad. Remember, Liverpool’ home is Champions league and we all hope to coming home this year.


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