No Plan B and Still No Win For Liverpool

Liverpool didn’t deserve to get a draw last night. The Lads really dominated the game and had at least 4-5 golden chances. Unfortunately the forwards lacked of composure and creativity. It was really frustating to see Fletcher passed and scored when Liverpool looked so comfortable to pass the ball and dictated the play. Brendan Rodgers is very very lucky to have Suarez in his squad. His determination is really outstanding. Allen was really great as usual. There was some bad moment with shelvey. He seemed to lost his concentration in the first half.

The second half was actually better but with no Carrol on the horison, Brendan Rodgers had to rely on short pass till the end of the game. No Carrol no plan B!

We were so lucky to get a draw in Stadium of light. it could be worse, thanks to Suarez determination Liverpool could snatch a point. Borini showed a better movement and pace, we hope he will play much better game when facing Manchester United.
And we pray no injuries till the next transfer window (3 months from now)


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