Liverpool Crushed by Arsenal Counter Attack in Anfield

As i wrote in my last article, it will be a bumpy road till January. With only Suarez as veteran striker and young borini as partner is not enough. We can only hope Suarez will not receive any red card or 2 yellows or even worse, injury. If it happened. it would be over for Rodgers. The decision to sell Kuyt and release Carrol on loan was really foolish. Now Rodgers doesn’t have alternative to apply plan B in attack. Assaidi, borini and Suarez are three small man who rely in their speed not their heading. Tonight is a fantastic example when Rodgers need to change to plan B and no striker with that ability in the bench. Bad luck? no, bad managerial!

No finishers in front, bad passes, bad positioning, bad defending and most of all bad goalkeeping. Why Rodgers still trust Reina after his blunder in Europa League? It was really frustating to watch Reina as goalie. 2 goals from carzola and Podolski was 2 similar situation and Reina could’nt anticipate that.

All and all. A disapointing night and it is recommended to buckle our seatbelt for another bumpy road, downhill, and up the mountain


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