It’s Gonna be One Hell of A Ride

This is a little bit worrying! Transfer deadline has passed. BR succeeded to sell Adam and get rid of Carroll for a season. The problem is now there’ s only 2 striker in the first team and some academy player on the bench.

Adam Morgan is far far away from BPL quality. All towering and fast Defenders will eat him alive! When talking about goals, Liverpool always rely on Suarez. Now, lets say Suarez acts annooyingly like last season and got a red card or worse. Theres only Borini in front and as we know, he’s not Suarez and who’s gonna subtitute him when he cannot score or injured? Adam Morgan! Oh yes.. this is a little apocalypse.

We will endure a fierce battle in BPL and Europa League with only 3 strikers in the horizon. Lets hope BR has some magic trick to pull through.


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